made a thing: potato stamped basket

made a thing: potato stamped basket

last winter i was using the basket from a broken salad spinner as a yarn bowl, and i have to tell you, it sucked. so, when i spotted a sturdy little produce basket painted my favorite shade of lime green at the Goodwill for $4 a few months ago, i snapped it up like whoa. (you know… like, the mya kind of “like whoa”. from the 90’s. google it.) it even has a cool wire and wood handle, which is strangely only half painted green, though i in no way care. i kind of like the two-toned handle.

then, i diy’d that basket like whoa.

(i may be on cold medication right now.)

deets: i cut a potato stamp into the shape of two v’s stacked to mimic a knit stitch. this was, after all, going to be a yarn basket. then, i used acrylic craft paint to stamp that mamma jamma with red, hot pink, light pink, blue, and navy. colors! inside is a growing collection of baby toys and teething biscuits as i know three people (including my sister!) who are due to pop in the next few months. dang.


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