August! and a little September

August! and a little September

where did august go???

1) Pickathon! Pickathon is a grass roots music festival held every year on the Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, OR. I didn’t go last year because P-thon is expensive and i bought a car instead, however, i camped there in 2011, and went one day in 2010, so it’s kind of a tradition. sort of. i saw – or was close enough to hear from my campsite – over two dozen bands in two days. the photo above is of the main stage at night, isn’t it lovely? watching the fabric shade system overhead undulate and create patterns in the breeze is one of my favorite things about the festival. Pickathon is friday though sunday, but i left Saturday night just before midnight because the next morning i had five hours of orientation at…

2) Rock N Roll Camp for Girls. Rock camp rocked. really hard. in the mornings i taught beginner/intermediate guitar from 9:30-11:30, then spent the rest of the day as a manager for a band of 12 year olds called “Electric Pink Money”. after five days of camp there was a showcase on saturday at the Alberta Rose Theater here in town. one of my campers from out of town heard “Alberta” and thought we were going to canada (ha!).

in one week at Rock Camp i had a self defense class, helped the girls make zine pages, screen printed, got to see five lunchtime bands, watched my students take things i taught them and run with it, and met tons of amazing women of all ages. my heart felt like i was in the right place for the first time since art school, and i’m definitely going back. the food wasn’t bad, either.


3) San Antonio. The day i returned to the office from Rock Camp/Pickathon my boss informed me i’d be heading to San Antonio for a meeting the following week. i don’t have to go on business trips often, but when i do it’s always a 24 hour thing, and goddamn if those kind of trips just aren’t a little hard on a person. my brain was thoroughly fried by the time i returned to the office on thursday. after getting up at 2:30 am for a 5:24 am flight i was just too darn pooped to go see the Alamo, especially since i had to get up at 4am pst the next morning to fly home.

August also saw some canning of plums: plum jam. plum butter. “asian” plum sauce. i met up with a friend or two for the final weekend of Trek in the Park, and managed to get mexican food al fresco at least twice. my final big social/travel obligation of the summer was a friend’s annual tie-dye party up in Olympia on labor day weekend. i’m not into tie dye, so i dyed an orange pair of pants brown. they’re much more respectable now!

today is september 15th and i’m having a bit of a detox this month. i quit smoking… again (4th time? 5th?)… and have been cutting down on the sugar and junk food, replacing them with lots of vegis from the garden. this week i’m cutting out alcohol (also again!) and will be juicing this coming weekend for the equinox… wish me luck 😉 not that i need it. well, maybe a little.

now that the summer festivities have died down i’ve been enjoying canning up the tomato harvest. after a record breaking 95 F last wednesday i’m ready for some cooler temps, crafting, and lots of cooking! oh, and for my haircut on tuesday; i’m very ready to get the summer straw cut out!!


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