the best things about this summer; what i’ve been into

the best things about this summer; what i've been into

summer 2013 i’ve been into…

this adorable baby whose mother tells me is “obsessed” with the crochet teething biscuits i made for her. my sister is pregnant! due in february, i am SO EXCITED (going to see her at Xmas). i’m also loving other pregnant friends and their NOT GROSS cankles ❤

live art!
tons and tons of music! Bob Log iii, the Postal Service, Pickathon, Rock Camp & the lunchtime bands every day including JAWWZZ!!! and Adventure Time’s “Princess Bubblegum” aka Ashley Eriksson. Electric Pink Money!!!! EPM was my band of 12yo’s, they rocked so hard. Trek in the Park; The Trouble With Tribbles. this is the last year of Trek in the Park, i’m sad. Evil Dead the Musical. it was meh. maybe i should have sprung for “splatter zone” tix. oh well.

comfy stuff!
blouses and ballet flats. my thrifted GAP “safari jacket” as my dad calls it, that i’ve been living in since about may. avocado toast. being so busy i don’t have time to bite my nails. fully coming to appreciate having time to make a home-cooked meal. listening to my body and doing exactly what it tells me and not feeling guilty, even when that thing is being antisocial. mozarella, feta. ramen. hippy meals of broiled tofu and vegis over grain and… i’m getting hungry. vegan creamsickles from garden fruit & mylk. oh man.

what i haven’t been as into this summer:
dresses/skirts… instead i’ve been venturing into shorts world. i haven’t been busting in the garden, or stressing about preserving. not feeling so much of a need for camping, or yard camping, i’ve just been so busy that i really appreciate my bed and being home. fires. infused liquids. fermenting experiments.

once August wraps up i’m going to do a post on it, i think this is the last month of the crayzee summer madness(tm) . with the coming rain we are starting to feel the onset of fall around here; jackson is off his food in anticipation of hibernation, and i busted out my sweaters yesterday. late august is a dichotomous time, i’m starting to crave soup like none other, but sporting a fresh sunburn. oops.

thank you for reading, you lovely reader, you!


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