made a thing: t shirt braided rug

made a thing: t shirt braided rug

when life gives you a bag of t-shirts, make a braided rug. it feels much better than lemonade underfoot, and will last longer, too. trust me, you want one. my feet love this thing SO. MUCH.

how to do it! without photos.*

in my rug, every braid is the body of one shirt. you can use any jersey shirt, a lot of mine weren’t t’s, and were different widths (obv.). i was too lazy to bother correcting this up front before braiding, but i still like how it turned out (and have since mowed the lawn, don’t worry).

1. laying your t-shirt out flat, cut across the bust from armpit to armpit.

2. from the armpit line to the bottom hem, roughly divide into three equal sized strips across, and cut to form three big loops.

3. cut each loop open to make a strip.

3a. if you would like an evenly rectangular rug (not jagged like mine), cut all the strips to the same length before braiding.

4. rubber band or tie three strips together. safety pin the tied end to your jeans knee (or whatever), then braid. secure the ends together.

5. sew the end of each braid to make it strong, and make sure to use carpet thread! regular thread will break once you start walking on it. if you’re worried about braiding, check this video, which is **not me**, just a video i found on youtube and am linking:

6. once you have all your braids you are ready to weave! weaving a braided rug makes it reversible, and you can’t see the stitches at all. there are lots of videos on how to weave braided rugs on you tube, i like this one (same lady as before, vid found on youtube, and **not me**):

if you make one, please send me a photo or link, it would make my day!

*i really do have a goal to work on this photos thing, but i still refuse to capitalize certain words. damnit.
**i stress that this is not me as before i have linked videos which people then assumed were me. i just want to make clear that i didn’t appear in, or make the videos, or have anything to do with them beside watch and learn from them. ok, cool.


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