crazy busy summer – July! (a picture-less post, ’cause i’m bad at remembering my camera!)

hey people! a friend of mine is coming to visit me today, and instead of bathing i decided it was time for a little update on what i’ve been up to this summer. it’s been a while, i missed you (xoxo). since i last posted so much has happened that i’m going to break it into two posts: july, then august. otherwise this is going to be way too long.

the first saturday of july a musician buddy of mine came through town, and I fangirled it up to Seattle the next day to see him play at the Crocodile, where i tagged my name in the green room alongside tons of amazing acts. i’m from the Seattle area and had been to the Crocodile, but never backstage. Kurt Cobain’s ghost approved.

the next week, two flowering plum trees were removed from my front yard. i heard that when the trees were split the carpenter ants flowed like wine, so my well meaning octogenarian neighbor doused the wood with two entire bottles of ant killer(!!!!). i was at work and had no idea my neighbor was going to step in like this, and to be honest, it upset me. it was weirdly emotional enough for me to rip down my trees, without an outside party coming over unasked and without my permission to dump chemicals all over land i wanted to use to expand my garden. now that’s not possible for a couple years unless i install raised beds, which are really expensive. then again, if my neighbor hadn’t sprayed ant killer everywhere, maybe the ants would have gotten into everyone’s homes and created much bigger problems. i can’t say, since i wasn’t here, and he’s the only one who told me about it. the decision was made for me, without my consent.

I HATE THAT. like a lot of things, i just need to accept it and live with it. what’s done is done.

sunday after the tree removal i quit the Spitfires Dance Band – i just wasn’t feeling it. this is the first time i quit anything and was *sure* it was the right decision. just… relief. the next weekend i went camping in the Capitol Forest, which is lovely with big fat gorgeous camp sites, but the absolute most disgusting camp toilet i’ve ever seen. whatever, i lived. i’m not squeamish about nature peeing, i just don’t like others watching me pee in broad daylight. it was a fun, chill trip, despite some kids stealing our beers out of the creek as we napped. aaand… i i forgot to bring my camera 😦

sometime in mid to late july i scored a free suite level ticket to see The Postal Service’s reunion tour, which i found out on a tuesday was happening the next day. that was fun and included leaving the house and free food, which i’m into. a young man once made me a mixtape with The Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone”, i became obsessed with the song, and the rest is history.

the end of july brought Pickathon, which marked the start of my vacation, and my time at Rock n Roll Camp for Girls the following week. i will post about those next time!


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