manifesting manifestos


do you ever wake up at two a.m. and need to write manifestos? i do sometimes.

i started out 2013 with a handful of resolutions, and somehow they quickly snowballed into the most intense period of personal growth i think i’ve had since college. it’s been crazy and wonderful and really hard and scary at times. whereas the first half of 2013 was focused on learning to get my personal demons under control, love myself, and separate fact from fiction in this brainscape of mine, the second half is going to build on that work and will involve mastering self-trust, getting more involved in the community, and using my talents to enrich my life and others’.  this will also get me out of the house more often and help me make friends, yay!

to that end, i am now – as of a week ago – a singer in a local swing dance band. yay!  i’ll also be a band manager and guitar instructor at the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls in august – double yay!!!.  i’m so excited for these opportunities, and know that they will lead to bigger and better things… AS IF anything could be better than teaching little girls to rock (maybe getting paid to do it.. hear that universe??)

now i’m taking things more easily than i used to because, really, the only person stressing me out with deadlines and perfectionist tendencies is me, aside from at work, which is why letting myself unwind when needed is so important. the garden doesn’t have to have squashes if i don’t feel like digging up that last bit of sod. the world will not implode if i don’t can any homemade jam this year. the gutters are full of crap because i’m afraid of heights and it’s OK (!!) that i bought an online deal to have someone do it for me.

don’t get me wrong, i don’t have tons of money to throw at things, i live very modestly. oh hey, that reminds me: i am interested in a house swap for winter vacation this year. does anyone have tips or want to swap? i live within portland; a fifteen minute drive from downtown, around an hour’s drive from skiing, and the coast in the other direction. i’d love to see savannah… nashville… new orleans… atlanta… anywhere in so cal, or the desert. maybe around january/february? contact me! i have a cat and goldfish, they’re pretty easy to deal with.

so, i’ve spent the summer working in my garden (but not too hard)… enjoying the picnic quilt i made (both indoors and out)… i got faster internet so i can watch movies online, and hired a company to prune my trees which will happen in two weeks: the major monetary expenditure of the year (knock on wood). on the craft front there hasn’t been much, but i did spend a morningvweaving the above goldenrod mini-mat out of a 100′ section of rope. the finished mat is about a foot by ten inches, and cost $8. i’d make a bigger one someday if i came into a windfall of free rope, but rope vs just buying a mat isn’t cost effective if the rope isn’t free. it is pictured next to the mini-container garden i started up, with (from the left) pole beans, catnip, thyme and something(??), and catnip.

now if you’ll excuse me, i need to go make some fresh juice and practice for band rehearsal tonight. life is good 🙂


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