my birthday!

hey internet! i’ll be 37 on friday! in years! i know. just a couple months ’til i start thinking i’m 38, since i’ve been thinking i was 37 for about six months now.

want to see what i got myself? ok, you talked me into it.

1. this awesome pink quartz pendant… Christine Arylo, my new favorite guru, says pink stones generate love. so obviously i needed one.


i also got me these earrings:


and these blinged-out pliers so i can finally use the jewelry making supplies i bought over a year ago and put the quartz pendant on a chain:

Imagecrap, that pic didn’t work. imagine jewelry pliers with a huge ridiculous rhinestone embedded at the handle axis.

so far, that’s all. i’m not a “celebrate for a week” kinda person, but i AM an “if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself” person, which is why i already purchased the above items and will be camping on them until the 12th.

“SO, ERICA” you may be asking yourself, “What else would you want for your birthday, both real and imaginary?”  Good question! here’s my list of 37 things, because… otherwise i don’t know how long to make it:

1. Totchos

2. a visit to the Olympus Spa

3. a Baskin Robbins clown cone (thanks, office! i hope.)

4. tons of love

5. Henny & Apple Juice for my weekly cheat drink. i’ve been sober  – with my weekly one exception – for two months today (4/9)! it’s so awesome. now i can count in months instead of weeks.

6. a talking hand in a box, like on the Addam’s Family. s’awight.

7. my flute fixed (thanks, mom!)

8. a certain organization to get a mysterious, really itchy, really unsightly, and non-health-threatening rash. on their face.

9. a puppy AND a kitten AND baby chickens, all of which never grow up. and a zebra pony. and a pterodactyl. a vegetarian one.

10. my inner songwriter to come back to stay. miss you, dude. yes, my inner songwriter is a guy. don’t ask me why. all my pets and stuffed animals were always guys, too.

11. more and more love, ’til i become a gigantic nuclear powered Love Battery (best. album. ever.)

12. a new capo. fred (my cat) broke my old one. then i lost it.

13. a job doing something i actually really enjoy, that doesn’t put money in big greedy companies’ pockets.

14. a lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper without aspartame or sugar or hfcs.  can we make stevia Dr. pepper? please? can i buy like a million shares of stock in that? or patent it?

15. this watermelon swimsuit

16. summer to come FASTER!

17. solar panels to power my house, and sunshine to power the solar panels.

18. a giant trampoline for the backyard.

19. a pool full of half warm, fresh berries and half warm, fresh mud. for… you know… sitting around in, gettin’ stained pink.

20. Louis Armstrong to come back to life so we can sing songs together and watch his cheeks go PFOOP! and generally bask in his smile and his awesome. also, he could tell me stories about his mom.

21. a bounce house (for when it’s raining outside)

22. a million dollar itunes gift card. i want ALL the music!

23. landscaping whatnots. my yard looks like ass.

24. to hang out with Bob Log III. i’ve always been a fan.

25. somewhere between one to a dozen jumpers/one piece pants sets. like dresses but pants. i’m dying for some nicely tailored jobbys like that.

26. “It’s Windy” to not be stuck in my head anymore. it’s been at least two years now. maybe three.

27. human contact

28. no more back or foot pain

29. no more war, cliquey people, wastefulness, and hunger, as long as we’re ending things.

30. a lifetime supply of epsom salts.

31. an ipad for my mom

32. to have my greenhouse assembled. i tried. got stuck.

33. to continue being an awesome counselor to myself. good work, me.

34. a chicken coop.

35. to like that which is good for me.

36. to not be afraid of things i didn’t used to be afraid of.

37. to say hi 🙂

what would you want if you could have anything at all, real or imaginary, for your birthday?


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