made a thing: painted shoes

once upon a time (i just turned into Taylor Swift! ha!) there were a pair of pink shoes that were WAY TOO PINK, and i couldn’t bring myself to wear them in public in their state of bright pinkness. they became gardening shoes, and then painting shoes, and then got a little TOO painty. by this time the pink had faded so i kind of liked them again and wanted to wear them, but now they were splattered in paint.

inspiration came from this post on A Beautiful Mess. i love those Beautiful Mess girls; they have normal bodies and awesome style and i wouldn’t mind being their sister, too. so, out came the acrylics and then this happened.

note: i also DIY’d stripey green and white laces from some thifted jersey, but they obscured the painting on the tongues and so there isn’t a pic of them (damnit). in reality, i wanted to blog my new picnic quilt today since it’s the first weekend it’s been nice enough outside to use it, but the camera is on the fritz today, so this will suffice. i hope to have the quilt pics for you to ogle soon!


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