made a thing: spring garland

sunny garland loops

one of my new year’s resolutions for 2013 was to not buy any new products; i have tons of fabric, yarn, and craft materials, and thrift stores are bursting with an unending supply of whatsits that would just go to a landfill if you didn’t use them. so, it’s pretty much like you gotta (right?).

in general, i really don’t spend money on decorating. 80% of my furniture is hand-me-down from folks, work, a consignment store, or the sidewalk. not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just means nothing matches anything else, and my living room was predominantly wooden and depressing. so! i decided it needs some attention this spring; my to-do list includes several projects with the objective of cozying up the living room while spending minimally and using up my craft stash. this is actually the 2nd completed project, but all i did for the other one was tape fabric to a shelf, which isn’t that noteworthy.

note: these pics aren’t from my living room, the garland is hanging in the den. there’s no sunlight in the living room, it faces north. told you it was depressing.

materials: an old bookcloth sampler, hand-me-down yarn.

garland colors


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