“Resurrection” is hard to spell

trying on glasses

from 2006 to 2010 i had a blogger site called sheseescolor. i wrote silly things, made general observations, drawings, autobiographical anecdotes, whatever struck my fancy. over the years, the site grew to include the story of my struggle for health and explorations into alternative modalities of medicine. long story short, after my 33rd birthday events in my life cascaded, fostering a paralyzing depression in my mind, and i felt as though i needed to remove my personal information from the public realm. there is good sharing and bad sharing, and at the time i felt i couldn’t tell the difference; sheseescolor.blogspot.com was the first thing to go as i deleted myself from the internet. only my myspace accounts survived, though deep hibernation much like my turtles were a month ago.

i somehow knew 2013 would be the best year ever, and here in march of 2013 i can say it’s definitely been true. through logic and self observation i’ve made great strides to overcome my depression, straighten myself out, and most days now the clouds of doubt don’t cross my mind, though i’m still definitely figuring things out. as i get better i once again feel the need to share my projects and thoughts with the world, and so this blog is back with the spring, fresh and new, much like turtles and flowers and asparagus. if i ever get moody again and delete this please slap me as hard as you can,  i’ll owe you each a dollar (yes, you can hold me to that).

i have things to share with you! art, craft projects, yarny things, sewing, home improvements, gardening, canning, songs, creative writing, maybe even sometimes capitalized 😉 for sure in haiku form now and then.

here is where i can be found on the internets these days:

songs at http://soundcloud.com/gawkylu

random blurts at https://twitter.com/gawkylu

yarn things at http://www.ravelry.com/projects/gawkylu

pinning at http://pinterest.com/gawklee/

please say hi! i could use some new friends 🙂


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